Professional background

Chief Operating Officer at Raincode
Marketing Coordinator at Dun & Bradstreet
Campaign Specialist at Proximus
Communications Officer at Fortis

Personal facts

I'm married to a lovely woman, and we have two wonderful young boys. My dog is a 12 years old Irish terrier.
I love to ride my bikes: to school with the kids; to work through the city; or alone in the country off the beaten track.
I am the proud owner of a ‘72 convertible VW Beetle (especially when the engine starts up).
I’m a Belgian style comics reader. My favorite movie is… well, I have a long list of favorite movies. Same for books. I like Sci-fi, but not fantasy. I’d rather escape in battleships than in woods among witches.
I'm delighted by the mountains, both in winter and in summer. Skiing or hiking, with my wife, children and dog.